Although Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's home was inevitably saved by a privately-hired firefighting squad, the controversial rapper-mogul isn't talking spreading his zeal on "fire prevention."

Kanye put forward four simple words in a written response to the California Wildfires that almost ravaged his home: "Building a fireproof community," with his method of conveyance the only thing muting the conviction in his voice, this time around. 

His plea to build a fireproof terrace is rather telling. The notion of community is still important to Kanye West, but the setting has changed, and so have his values. There comes a point where modern decadence and resource management can become too hard to administer at once, without divine intervention. If the members of his gated community can afford to hire private firewagons, should we bother to divert our attention? Is Kanye speaking for the common Californian, or merely out of convenience, self-interest?

Regardless of what Kanye West thinks, the California Wildfires have certainly taken their toll. Mobile firehouses from outer states have been mobilized to aid in the crisis, including the private forces I mentioned before. But bear in mind, Kanye West isn't totally off-base; any crisis intervention of this magnitude will certainly engender a chain reaction at the legislative level.