Kanye West has been notorious when it comes to teasing fans with both music and shoes. The perfect example of this was this past week when Kanye promised a brand new album that never actually came out. However, over the past few years, sneaker models have certainly been his way of frustrating sneakerheads. While he has made good on many of his promises, there are still plenty of Yeezy silhouettes that we have yet to see make their way to the market. Among those silhouettes is the bizarre yet oddly enticing Adidas Yeezy 451.

It feels like this silhouette was shown off close to three years ago now, but as it stands, there are no plans for it to be released. However, there have been some teasers on the internet. Thanks to @yeezymafia on Instagram, we have yet another teaser on our hands, this time in the form of an alternative colorway. As you can see from the post below, the shoe features a bizarre midsole while the upper is light blue with some colorful 3M highlights.

Overall, this is easily one of the wildest shoes Kanye has ever created, and hopefully, it will see the light of day sooner rather than later. Let us know what you think of this shoe, in the comments below.