Earlier today, Kanye West shared his thoughts on how society values follower counts and social media. "We should be able to participate in social media without having to show how many followers or likes we have," he wrote on Twitter. "Just like how we can turn off the comments we should be able to turn off the display of followers. This has an intense negative impact on our self worth."  While Kanye's known for spewing out whatever is on his mind through social media, it looks like his latest idea may lead to some change on the social media platform.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appears to be considering Kanye West's suggestion about turning off follower counts on Twitter. 'Ye took to Instagram to share a screenshot of a text exchange he had with Dosey. The Twitter CEO said that they've already been thinking about fixing how follower counts and likes are displayed on their social media network.

"We've been thinking deeply about the follower and like counts, and what that incentivizes. We want to change," Dorsey wrote in a text message to Kanye which was posted with permission. "What made sense 12 years ago doesn't' make sense today. At least for us. Us making that number bold and big incentivized people to want to increase it, and feel bad if they couldn't. That's not right. We want to incentivize contribution to the global conversation and consciousness."

We'll have to see when and if this change will occur. 

Peep the post below.