Kim Kardashian West shared a photo of a painting that was supposedly completed by seven-year-old North West, her firstborn daughter with Kanye West. It's been clear that North has artistic inclinations, confidently taking part in her father's Sunday Service events and debuting her own rap song a few months ago. Apparently, she's also skilled with the paintbrush, with many expressing their shock at how Kim and Kanye's little girl completed such a beautiful painting.

Screenshot via Instagram

While some are doubting that North did everything on her new landscape, which she proudly signed with her given name and a smiley face in the bottom-right corner, others are dubbing her a child prodigy, comparing her to the likes of Bob Ross.

"North been watching a lot of Bob Ross," said one user on Twitter, contributing to the current "Bob Ross" trend on the platform. Enough people are speaking about North's painterly skills that the famed painter and television personality began trending.

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Combatting skeptics who refuse to believe that a seven-year-old could be so talented at such a young age, a TikTok user uploaded a video claiming that her mother, who has been an art teacher for thirty years, uses this painting in most of her classes, explaining that she also learned to paint by starting out with this exact landscape. 


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Do you think North West might end up becoming a famous painter one day?