Kanye West has been on a tear lately, seemingly dedicated to accomplishing every goal that pops into his head, however fleeting. Though much has been made of his political ambition -- which many critics have already written off as futile at best, diversionary at worst -- some are even more invested in his recent plans to collaborate with social media giant TikTok. His goal? Jesus Tok

Kanye West Jesus Tok

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

You may recall him expressing his dismay at learning what his children have been subjected to on the application, which bothered him deeply as a Christian father. "A VISION JUST CAME TO ME," he tweeted, on August 17th. "JESUS TOK I WAS WATCHING TIK TOK WITH MY DAUGHTER AND AS A CHRISTIAN FATHER I WAS DISTURBED BY A LOT OF THE CONTENT BUT I COMPLETELY LOVED THE TECHNOLOGY." He proceeded to lay out his desire to collaborate with TikTok to create "A CHRISTIAN MONITORED VERSION THAT FEELS SAFE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN AND THE WORLD IN JESUS." 

And from the sound of it, it would appear that TikTok is at the very least curious to hear what Yeezy has to say. Today, Kanye provided an update on Jesus Tok (the name is subject to change), confirming that he was in talks with the company. "GOT IN CONTACT WITH TIK TOK," he wrote, earlier this afternoon. PRAISE THE LORD ... I’LL KEEP EVERYONE UPDATED." Say what you will about Kanye West, but damned if he doesn't get results. One has to wonder if Jesus Tok will become a reality, or if it will simply fizzle the moment Kanye is stricken by another creative urge. Only time will tell.