In very rare cases, lawsuits fail to reach a settlement before notice runs out. This is one of those cases. Kanye West has been going up against music publisher EMI in an attempt to escape his contract, which effectively prevents him from ever retiring. Clearly, that's a pretty bad deal because, at the end of the day, Yeezy will likely want to fade away from music to focus on his family and other business ventures. It appeared as though the two sides were nearing a settlement but, unfortunately, time has run out and things are about to get ugly again.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kanye West's legal dispute against EMI will continue in court after the music publisher asked a federal judge to reopen the case. West previously argued that, under California law, it is illegal to hold a personal services contract against him for over seven years. Since the lawsuit is open in the state of New York, EMI didn't budge on that. A few months ago, the cases appeared to close when news of a settlement became public but the terms were never agreed upon and things will now go back to court.

"Unfortunately, as of today’s date, the parties have been unable to finalize the terms of a settlement agreement, or to finally resolve related issues on which a settlement agreement would be conditioned," writes an EMI representative in a legal document. "As a result, good cause exists, and EMI hereby applies, to reopen the Action."

Do you think West will end up with a win when this is all said and done?

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