In a year filled with strange, fascinating, and often disturbing narratives, Kanye West's foray into politics was tame by comparison. Yet as is often the case where Mr. West is concerned, it doesn't take long for the plot to thicken into thick molasses-esque goo. After his first official "Birthday Party" rally certainly raised no shortage of eyebrows -- recall that he confessed to almost aborting his daughter and discrediting Harriett Tubman in the same firey stream of consciousness -- many wondered whether Yeezy was simply a red herring organized by the Trump campaign designed to quietly split the Joe Biden vote. 

Trump Kanye West

Oliver Contreras - Pool/Getty Images

Though such accusations may feel conspiratorial in nature, they are not without basis. Kanye himself played coy when asked about his role in disrupting the Biden camp on Trump's behalf, offering cryptic answers in response. Things got even more muddled when he admitted to staging meetings with White House Presidential advisor Jared Kushner, confirming as much in a tweet last night. Seemingly feeling like he has nothing to hide, despite the alliance with the Republican Party spelling a potential conflict of interest, Kanye openly stood by his decision to speak with Kushner.

TMZ goes so far as to suggest that Ivanka Trump was also present, though Kim Kardashian was not -- given how Yeezy's political machinations have had an apparent strain on their marriage, it's hardly surprising to see her removed from this tete-a-tete. Clearly, Kanye West's hostility toward Joe Biden paired with his clear admiration for the Trump campaign does add fuel to the conspiratorial fire -- especially when you consider how rappers like DaBaby have already thrown their support behind Yeezy, splitting the votes exactly as predicted.

All things considered, is The Birthday Party a masterstroke manipulation by the Republican squad, or is Kanye West genuinely looking to make a political splash in the upcoming election?