Have you ever woken up and sighed really loudly after realizing you'll have to scroll through Kanye West's loaded timeline to re-read his most motivational tweets? Is your living room missing the realness of Kanye's Twitter feed? Who cares for Picasso and Monet when you can literally buy Kanye West's framed tweets for a portion of what a painting would normally cost. The same artistic value for $49. Who would have ever thought this day would come? Okay, maybe we're being dramatic but for anybody who's ever wanted to frame and hang Ye's most iconic moments in your room, it's your lucky day.

Of all his years on the medium, Kanye's most interesting moments on Twitter have likely come in the last few months. He has had more iconic tweets than many other artists, using Twitter to get across his most motivational, inspirational or sometimes nonsensical musings. Framed Tweets is offering you the chance to buy a framed version of your favorite Kanye Twitter moment, allowing you to remember your favorite Ye era on a daily basis. Whether MBDTF, Yeezus, Ye or The Life of Pablo is your go-to these days, Framed Tweets has the artwork you're looking for, shipping out framed version of his tweets in a matter of days. With most models going for $49, decorating your bathroom with Yeezy's top sayings has never been more affordable... unless you already have a frame and printing paper at home.

To be completely honest, I'm thinking of getting one for the office. Which one is your favorite and are you planning on copping? Check out the entire selection here.