With so many things going on in Kanye West's life that needs immediate attention, he's still aiming to become the president of the United States. However, his battle to actually get on the ballot is becoming increasingly more difficult by the day. According to TMZ, the petition to get him on the Illinois ballot is now being challenged after three separate objections were filed to the Illinois Board of Elections.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

The complaints filed against Ye's petition pertained to the validity of the signatures. The Illinois Board Of Elections are supposed to evaluate all of the signatures on the petition to check if the names were fake or there were any duplicate signatures. Then they hold a meeting to determine whether Kanye can actually join the ballot.

Sean Tenner, a member on the board, said that he reviewed 3200 signatures from the 412 petition papers submitted and found only 1000 were valid. Tenner claims that the rest are invalid, though he wouldn't provide an explanation of how he claim to the conclusion. Kanye ultimately needed 2500 to remain on the state's presidential ballot. Ultimately, a meeting will be held next week where Kanye's fate on his home state ballot will be revealed.

Aside from Illinois, Kanye officially made the ballot in Oklahoma.