Even when Kanye West isn’t directly involved, there always seems to be some weird stuff happening with the way the rapper’s music rolls out. We posted a stream to “Saint Pablo” that was subsequently taken down, and the only way it could be found was on Tidal. Until today, when a Reddit user discovered a stream of the song online.

Strangely enough, the song is on Apple Music. Specifically, it’s located on a user’s profile named “Apple Curator.” While Apple Music allows users to upload their own music, they don’t post any of that uploaded music publicly, which makes the presence of “Saint Pablo” pretty surprising. This comes after The Life of Pablo appeared on all streaming services after Kanye infamously declared it would only ever be on Tidal.

The best part is that it’s available for listening even for people without an Apple Music subscription. So if you missed out on one of Kanye West’s doper tracks of the last few years, head over and take a listen. It probably won’t be up for that much longer.