Hip-hop was not ready for an open Republican. Or maybe things would be different, were said Republican anyone other than Donald Trump. Trump has solidified himself as the most divisive president in recent memory, with a campaign many feel was built on tenets of white supremacy. Therefore, endorsing such a polarizing figure will no doubt lead to mixed feelings. Given the decidedly anti-hip-hop stance Trump has taken against the likes of Jay-Z, it's no wonder that Kanye's presidential co-sign seems a little eyebrow raising. To be fair, one cannot expect everyone to share their political views, as pointed out by Chance The Rapper, who wrote the low-key Kanye defense of "black people don't have to be democrats." 

Yet now, amidst all the controversy, Kanye continues to push buttons. Whether he's sincere or trolling is difficult to discern, but people have wasted little time in throwing terms like "manic" and "erratic" around. Perhaps a more simple reality exists. Kanye simply likes Donald Trump. It's not like it's a secret. We already knew there was love there. It's doubtful that anybody expected such a public proclamation of Trump endorsements, but Kanye has never been known for his subtlety. 

Despite his legendary status in the game, people seem to be growing tired of his antics. Following Kanye's Twitter feed can sometimes feel like being repeatedly woken up by an exuberant child poking you with a stick. Even those who clearly respect him were pushed to the edge. According to some truly Sherlock Holmsian detective work from HHNM, several prominent rappers, Kanye collaborators, and Jenners have reportedly unfollowed the rapper, including:

Travis Scott
Jaden Smith
Justin Bieber
Kendrick Lamar
Pusha T
2 Chainz
Big Sean
Ariana Grande
Katy Perry
Kylie Jenner 

Perhaps they were simply tired of the politics. Lord knows we can't escape them.