In a mirror universe where people's memories are wiped away by an omniscient God, their little social media blunder wouldn't have such a ripple effect. But since that's not the case, being diligent is important when you pass along information via the Web.

In a social media post aimed at promoting a songwriter named Ant Clemons associated with Kanye West, Universal Music Publishing Group accidentally leaked the length of Yandhi, and then swiftly deleted the post after sensing the information was not meant to be made public. The deleted tweet reads: 

"UMPG songwriter, @AntClemons comes in (fire emoji) putting work in 7 of 8 tracks on #KanyeWest’s new album #Yandhi." You can view a mirror of the Tweet dug up Redditors in this thread.

The accidental Tweet brings a few things to light. For one, Yandhi is probably not even finished. Secondly, who is this shadowy figure they refer to as Ant Clemons and why is he so integral to the Kanye operation?

I don't have those answers, unfortunately, but it does appear that Yandhi will be 8, not 7 tracks long. Of course, there always lies the possibility that Universal made a mistake, or is presenting us with a goose egg at Kanye's behest. All we know is that some skulking is being done with regards to Kanye's album rollout, and some of his fans are getting weary.