It's becoming increasingly difficult for even his most staunch critic to deny Kanye West's business acumen. Today, a new report from Bloomberg shines a light on the recent partnership deal between Yeezy and GAP, indicating that the total value of the deal is projected to be $970 million -- only a few thousand short of one billion. With Yeezy's total net worth ranging between $3.2 billion and $4.7 billion, the GAP deal makes up a sizable percentage of the company's total. 

Taylor Hill/WireImage/Getty Images

As of now, Yeezy GAP is set to launch this coming July, with Bloomberg's projections pointing to a first-year haul of $150 million in sales. Apparently, GAP predicts that Yeezy Gap will be worth a billion in eight years' time, a testament to their faith in Kanye West's unwavering vision and influence. 

GAP CEO Sonia Synga recently indicated that Kanye has been "very very focused" on Yeezy GAP, which will find him designing and clothes for men, women, and children. It should be noted that the YEEZY GAP line will not include footwear, as Kanye's current Adidas deal runs until 2026. Though design details are scarce at the moment, Ye has previously shared a brief teaser of what's to come -- check that out below.

Beyond that, many have been eager to see how the Yeezy GAP saga plays out, especially after the rapper expressed frustration with the lack of black board seats at the company and threatened to turn his back the deal. Luckily, it would appear as if everything is once again going according to plan, and from the sound of it, Yeezy GAP is set to be another lucrative fashion endeavor for the hip-hop legend -- all the more so given that his deal grants him royalties on sales as well as stock warrants that cap at $700 million.

Between his Yeezy sneaker company, his investment in Kim Kardashian's Skims line, and a music catalog worth $110.5 million, don't be surprised to see Kanye's name at the top of Forbes' biggest celebrity earners when that rolls around. Are you excited to see Yeezy Gap launch this summer?