The feud between Kanye West and Drake has been ongoing for years now. Though it has occasionally cooled off during periods of inactivity, it seems as if every time either one releases new music, the beef runs the risk of reigniting. 

It recently gained new traction ahead of Kanye West's DONDA, after Drake claimed Ye was "burnt out" on the Trippie Redd collaboration "Betrayal." The slight caused Kanye to snap, retaliating by leaking Drake's Toronto home address -- though he opted not to engage on wax. While certain DONDA bars could probably be interpreted as Drizzy shade, it would have felt thematically counterintuitive to get disrespectful on such a spiritually-driven project.

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That's not to say Drake will take the same approach, however. With Certified Lover Boy on the horizon -- allegedly taking a more rap-centric approach than previous releases -- it's entirely possible that Drake does not extend the same courtesy to his former collaborator. Kanye's camp is already assessing the possibility, and Kanye's manager Bu Thiam recently spoke with TMZ about the potential consequence any disrespectful bars might elicit. 

"It's two creatives taking jabs at each other, but they can rectify it," says Bu. "We'll see. But his album comes out, depending on what he says on his album -- we'll see." While that's a rather open-ended take on the matter, it's clear that Kanye and his team are opting to wait and see how the situation plays out. Though the idea of Kanye responding on wax feels unlikely, he did allude to going full Joker  on his opponent in an ominous group DM. 

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As for Kanye's potential feud with Chris Brown, scorned after some of his contributions were left off DONDA, Thiam confirms that Ye personally reached out to squash any potential tension. Thiam maintains that Kanye's role as a producer is to ensure that his creative vision is realized, and such a process could occasionally lead to cut contributions. In any case, it would appear that Ye successfully nipped this one in the bud, so don't expect Chris to fire off that diss track he was teasing.

As for Soulja Boy, well, Thiam curiously makes no mention...