Yesterday we reported that a judge had put out an arrest warrant for Tyga, after the rapper failed to show up for a scheduled court appearance. Of course the news spread like wildfire beyond just hip-hop blogs given T-Raww's affiliation with the most gossip-worthy family of the U.S., the Kardashians.

Today TMZ is reporting that the news of Tyga's arrest warrant did not sit well with the rest of Kylie Jenner's family. Inside "sources" say that several members of the Kardashian family blew up Tyga's phone when they heard about the arrest warrant, blasting him for being irresponsible. They think that this kind of news will tarnish their brand (??).

Apparently the reason Tyga missed the court date was because he was in Turks and Caicos, celebrating young Kylie's 19th birthday. He's reportedly already hired a lawyer to sort through this situation.