Every day since the hotel footage was released, things have gotten progressively worse for Kareem Hunt from a legal standpoint. EA Sports has informed TMZ Sports of their intentions to remove the out-of-work running from the Madden NFL 19 videogame altogether. "We are in the process of removing Kareem Hunt from the Madden NFL 19 roster, Madden Overdrive and Madden Ultimate Team," a rep for the company told the media outlet.

Madden players who selected Kareem Hunt in the Ultimate Team game mode will receive a generic player in his place, with identical "projected" stats. Kareem Hunt entered the game with a 92 player rating, third amongst running backs behind Le'veon Bell's 94 and Todd Gurley II's 96 credited score.

EA Sports is believed to be taking actions based on the outcome of two events: the violent incident in the Cleveland hotel lobby, and a separate incident taking place in January, where he stands accused of attacking of knocking a fellow club-goer unconscious shortly after the Chiefs were eliminated from the playoffs. TMZ obtained surveillance footage from that incident as well, but it only accounts for the frantic aftermath, not the attack itself. As you might recall, Hunt lost his job, was put on the commissioner's exempt list, all within hours of the hotel video surfacing.