Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt has started working with the NFL in coordinating a treatment and counseling package to correct his behavior. As you know, Hunt was canned by the Chiefs and subsequently placed on the NFL's "Exempt List" after a video of him pummeling a 19-year old woman was posted by TMZ.

It's being reported that Kareem Hunt has voluntarily sought counseling while he awaits completion of the NFL's internal investigation into his conduct - the altercation with the 19-year old woman not the only incidence of violence. Kareem Hunt was also implicated in a violent throwdown in a Kansas City nightclub, which was incidentally published by TMZ as well; see below.

ESPN reports that Kareem Hunt is essentially taking preemptive action towards the inevitable action plan drafted by the NFL. There's a precedent of therapy and counseling being mandated by the league to all NFL players who've lost their "playing" privileges following a transgressive act. The road to a "second chance" would likely have to coincide with the issue fading out of public view. The NFL often uses its "Exempt List" like a detainment center, while they figure out an appropriate plan and punishment for the proclaimed offender.