Karen McDougal is revealing some interesting information regarding her previous sexual encounters with none other than Donald Trump. The former Playboy model alleges that the she and the current POTUS had engaged in an intimate relationship back in 2007. 

Taking to CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, McDougal claims that their affair began shortly after his youngest son Barron was born and lasted for nearly 10 months. "I can tell you we saw each other a minimum five times a month, up to bigger numbers per month," admits McDougal, adding that the two had sex "many dozens of times," throughout this timeframe.

McDougal then revealed rather explicitly that Trump refused to wear a condom while having sex, noting how "we talked about it. Right beforehand, he was starting to [use protection] and then he said ‘I don’t like these things.'" 

The former model also alleges that after the first time they had intercourse back in 2006, Trump had offered her money. "But I looked at him and I said, 'That's not me. I'm not that kind of girl.' I don't even know how to describe the look on my face. It must have been so sad."

McDougal believes that the Commander in Chief was "very kind and caring," but was also not aware of his involvement with other women, most notably Stormy Daniels. "My first thought was, ‘How could she have been with him, when I was with him?’ The only time we weren’t together on that particular trip was when he was on the golf course golfing."