After getting into a car accident last Thursday, Minnesota Timberwolves player Karl-Anthony Towns has missed the last two games as he has been in concussion protocol. As Towns described, there was an accident in front of the car he was in and when his car stopped to avoid it, he was sideswiped by a semi-truck that was traveling close to between 35-45 mph. When asked about the crash, Towns explained that he is lucky to be alive.

"The accident could have went -- I'd say I had a 5 percent chance of making it out alive," Towns said according to ESPN. "I hit the 5 percent mark. I'd say 4 percent was to be seriously injured, and 1 percent was to be minorly injured -- and I came out in the 1 percent. It could have been much worse. In all honesty, I probably should not have made it out like I did."

It has been reported that Towns will make his return to NBA action tonight against the Sacramento Kings who are a surging force in the Western Conference. KAT's presence will surely be welcomed in Minnesota considering the team is 28-31 and are ranked 11th in the Western Conference. They are only four games back of a playoff spot right now.

Before missing the last two games, Towns had played in 303 consecutive games.