Karrueche and Victor Cruz confirmed their relationship at the top of the year with Karrueche admitting that her main priority will always be work and Victor is such a gentleman. Since then we've seen the duo out and about a couple times, with the cutest spotting being their Miami beach day where they tanned, laughed, drank and played in the water - too cute. 

“Its good,” the actress said of their relationship. “We like each other. We just mesh very well. We get along, we have fun. Whether it’s just us two or friends. It’s easy breezy and it’s really refreshing, and I’m just enjoying it.”

Another photo of the two has hit the web and we can tell what their favourite activity is: tanning. The photo shows the hot couple posted up in New Orleans getting some sun together. Karrueche is leaning in on her man looking oh so happy and cute.  "He’s so sweet, like a really nice guy, he’s genuinely kind and it’s so refreshing to be with such a kind, great guy," K also said of Victor. "And it doesn’t hurt that his body is bangin’!"