With the long weekend almost nearing an end, many celebrated the extra time off with Memorial Day barbecues and events with family and friends. Although some musicians are on tour and do not get to enjoy the luxuries of vacation, Meek Mill is making use of every day off he can possibly take advantage of after spending months in prison. Showing up at an insane Memorial Day party over the weekend, Meek spent Sunday night and Monday morning with some of his closest friends. Among them was Kash Doll and, after the two were seen together, fans of the rappers were clamoring for more information on their bond. Are they dating? Are they just friends? Kash Doll had an explanation on her Instagram story, clearing up their relationship for the inquiring minds.

Writing her post directly to Nicki Minaj's fans, who were hounding the two over their affiliation with one another, Kash said, "Ay, that's my friend, that's my dog," referring to Meek. The party looked to be absolutely packed with barely any room to breathe as people dove into the pool, danced to the music and smoked hookah.

Kash Doll must be tired of all of the dating rumors surrounding her as just a few weeks ago, she was linked to Drake in similar talks. While she shut down those rumors as swiftly as the Meek situation, it seems as though Kash is in high demand these days.