Kash Doll Joins La'Britney On "Actin' Funny"

Milca P.
March 11, 2018 04:47

La'Britney and Kash Doll put on for Detroit in the latest.

The past year has seen a significant rise in the number of women in hip-hop getting their due with a mitigation in the overbearing stigmas that accompany the label. With that, we’ve also seen a bold number of upstarts get their turn in the spotlight.

The latest name to emerge on the scene is Detroit’s La’Britney, an R&B singer who has situated herself comfortably in the intersection of the two neighboring genres, and she’s made her most recent drop in the form of the clip for her Kash Doll-assisted “Actin’ Funny.” As the title suggest, the new cut is ode to the fakes and switch-siders.

“As you're growing, people around you can't accept that you may be going places and doing things that they aren't,” La’Britney says of the inspiration behind the new track. “Instead of being happy for you and supporting you, they hate on you, they get to actin' funny. At the end of the day we can't focus on the hate, all we can focus on is being great.”

Check out the new video up above.

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