Despite the COVID-19 pandemic continuing and lockdown precautions still in place, members of Hollywood have continued to throw all types of lavish parties and get-togethers through it all. Members of the hip-hop community in Atlanta have particularly been oblivious to the pandemic, throwing a number of large-scale maskless celebrations throughout the course of the past year. The most recent hip-hop darling to throw a lavish soirée in celebration of her birthday is Kash Doll. 

Sarah Morris/Getty Images

Hosted and organized by 50 Centwho cast the "Ice Me Out" rapper in his highly anticipated Black Mafia Family Starz series, Kash raved about the intimate celebration on her Instagram page. "When i say best birthday everrrrrrrr!!!!!!! I absolutely loved turning 23," joked the rapper in the caption of an Instagram video recapping the night.

"Special shout out to [50 Cent] I’m so grateful for u not only u kicking off my acting career but u threw me the best bday dinner. thank youuuu and [Hannah Kang] u showed yo ass decorating this place! I wanna live there!! Thank u sooooo much I’m so happy and grateful," she finished in the caption. 

The relatively small-scale bash was flourished with stunning floral arrangements, plenty of pink decorations, and enormous portraits of the Detroit beauty

She shared multiple videos from the function, showing off her multiple outfit changes and a wide smile as she dined with guests. The function was complete with a fancy buffet featuring garlic buttered crab legs, stuffed salmon, fried lobster skewers and seafood stuffed ribeye, which is a flex within itself, and themed drinks courtesy of Branson Cognac. 

The occasion was also a celebration of Kash Doll's casting in Black Family Mafia. Directed by Tasha Smith, the series tells the true story of brothers Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, who ran one of the most infamous crime rings in the country. She will star as Monique, one of the love interests of Big Meech.