Kash Doll has had a crush on Omarion for a long time. Her childhood desire returned to her last year when she expressed publicly her love for Omarion. It looks like the two may have forged a long-lasting relationship because, if Kash is to be believed (and she's probably not), then that means that she and Omarion are engaged.

In her latest plea to end up a married woman with the former child star, Kash Doll told the world that she and her crush are ready to exchange vows.

"Me and Omarion is happily engaged," wrote the Detroit rapper on Twitter. The post has since been deleted but it did enough damage, having been reposted on The Shade Room and all.

It's unclear if Kash and O are even dating or if this is just happening in her dreams. After all that Omarion has been through in the last couple of years, we wish that he would find true love. Maybe he and Kash actually are getting married?

In other news related to Kash Doll, the rapper has been turning heads with her sultry thirst traps, filling in space between projects and keeping all eyes on her. 

Do you think these two would make a nice couple?