Katie Got Bandz is one of the few female MCs in the Chicago drill movement that is currently making waves in the entire rap scene. We connected with Katie initially for our editorial about female rappers within drill rap, and once more we were able to connect with Katie for a lengthier interview this time, while she was out in NYC.

It turns, being a rapper wasn't Katie's first dream career-wise. "I actually wanted to become a anesthesiologist," she revealed. "I've always been a studio around producers my whole life. Like my producer Block on the Track that's my cousin. And like I always told him I wanted to rap, and he never took me serious. I was real bad, making bad decisions, going back and forth to jail, getting into trouble, getting into it with my mother, stuff like that. And he kept telling me I want you to stop what you're doing and make a change. He called me up one day with a beat and I made my first single. Ever since then, things been different."

Katie also gave us a quick update on her forthcoming mixtape Drillary Clinton 2. "It'll be coming soon. I dunno what date I'ma drop it yet," she said. "Block on the Track is the executive producer for everything I do. I been working with a couple of other producers too, DJ Clue from Atlanta...I been rocking out with Boy Scout as well, Drumma Drumma. I give everybody a chance." 

Finally, being from the Chi, violence has impacted Katie and her music. However, when we asked her about the connection between Chicago and violence, she revealed that when that is the only thing promoted by the media, it's upsetting. "That's the main thing, the violence and the music, what's catching everybody's attention. It's violence everywhere, people get into it every day, people try to make a name for they self. I don't like the fact that they make it seem like Chicago is the #1...they rank #1 with murders, I don't like that. 'Cause a lot of people be like 'I'm not going to Chicago, I might not make it out.'"

Watch our full interview with Ms. Got Bandz below. Stay on the look out for Drillary Clinton 2.