Katt Williams is in a precarious situation since being arrested in Oregon. The events that led to his being detained have been reported and some of the details point to additional legal issues for the entertainer.

The comedian was expected to make an appearance at Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out Live concert at the Moda Center on Friday night. Although he was on his way to the event, he never made it. Williams got into a fight with the driver who was set to give him a ride.

An argument broke out between Katt and the driver concerning the transportation of his dog during the trip. The driver sustained injuries from the altercation, including cuts and bruises, and received medical attention at a hospital nearby. Meanwhile, Katt fled the scene in a different vehicle. Police located him the next morning.

When he was booked, the legal authorities also discovered that an out-of-state warrant was already attached to his name. The artist could have been arrested at any point in time if he came in contact with the police, regardless of whether he was committing a crime at the time. The alleged assault would be a bad idea in this context. 

It has been reported that Williams will remain in the Portland jail at least until Monday. Legal authorities will decide if the actor will be extradited to Georgia to face the felony stipulated in the out-of-state warrant mentioned.