Michael Blackson is known for telling some pretty outrageous jokes but on Monday (January 17), the comedian rubbed his audience the wrong way when he asked a question about Dr. Michael Luther King Jr. on yesterday's federal holiday. With much of the country taking the day off to observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Michael Blackson asked a sensitive question about the civil rights activist on social media, bringing up King Jr.'s alleged "white side chick."

"I don't mean to start no sheet but I heard that Martin Luther King had a white side chick. Is it true," asked Blackson on Twitter. "I'm just a beechn***a from a little village so please let me know."

Arnold Turner/Getty Images

Blackson is seemingly referring to Betty Moitz, a woman that claimed in 2016 that she and King Jr. were "madly in love" when they were young. However, their relationship was more serious than Blackson leads on, as they seemingly were both heartbroken after splitting up. 

The question didn't go over well with many of the comedian's fans, including fellow funnyman Katt Williams.

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"C**n question," wrote Williams in the comments, calling out Blackson for disrespecting MLK Jr. on the activist's birthday.

Do you think Michael Blackson should have kept this one in the drafts?