Katt Williams has been in the headlines the last few days for a few questionable incidents. The one getting the most coverage has to be his beef with Tiffany Haddish, saying that she has "not proven her ability to tell jokes" before squashing their issues a few days later. Katt also said that he was held at gunpoint for trash-talking a radio host, which turned out to be true after footage was released of the incident. The man keeps getting caught up in odd situations but his latest is more of a funny one.

While he was running errands at a Los Angeles-area shopping mall, a TMZ photographer caught up with him to ask what he was doing there. It was pretty obvious that he was shopping around... I mean, he's at a mall. What else do you do there? Regardless, Katt responded that he was there to buy his new girlfriend. Apparently, there's a shop that sells them at Westfield Mall. He explained, "I'm going to buy a girlfriend. They sell 'em in here next to Build-a-Bear. It's Build-a-Bear and 'Build-a-B-tch.'" He then proceeded to walk by the actual Build-a-Bear store to walk into a MAC cosmetics shop. "It's right here!" exclaimed the comedian as he walked in.

The photographer continued to press him and he kept on repeating that he had already said he was looking for a girlfriend. It's unclear if he left with what he was seeking.