Katt Williams is refusing to cooperate with law enforcement in the investigation surrounding his confrontation with LaMorris Sellers, the husband of radio host Wanda Smith. Sellers pulled up at one of the comedian's gigs, which his wife Wanda Smith regularly mediates. Williams previously reported that both men engaged in a verbal altercation shortly after his set, resulting in Sellers out a gun. Williams then allegedly ran for cover in a nearby grocery store, nothing more came of it. Footage exists of the tail end of the incident which doesn't show Sellers pulling out the burner.

According to TMZ, authorities reached out to Katt Williams to further the investigation, but the comedian has yet to return their calls. Apparently, even if Katt Williams were to press charges, the case would get thrown to the wayside on the basis of unsubstantiated evidence. Sellers did admit to carrying the handgun on his person but continues to refute accusations he used it at any point during the night.

Both Wanda and LaMorris Sellers say that Williams was the aggressor, and judging by the video shot by a "key witness," they might be correct. The only evidence to support the issuance of a "handgun" is an assertion from the person behind the picture lens.