Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors are currently in the midst of celebrating their first ever NBA Title with the team's championship parade in downtown Toronto. Fans across the city are incredibly excited about the team's accomplishments and Leonard is the perfect example of how good this team was. While many expected Kawhi to scoff at playing in Toronto, he ended up making the most out of his situation and now, he's a two-time NBA champion and two-time NBA Finals MVP.

Before Kawhi even stepped foot on the court, he became a Raptors meme thanks to his bizarre laugh that led to a ton of ridicule and some pretty funny edits. Over the course of the season, Leonard has embraced the memes that surround him which is evident based on his collection with New Balance.

Today, while giving his speech at the parade, Leonard thanked the fans in the city before breaking out the signature laugh in a moment that will forever live in Raptors lore. As you would imagine, his teammates were laughing hysterically almost as if they didn't believe he would do it.