Kawhi Leonard is now a member of the Los Angeles Clippers which means the team is now a contender to win a championship this season. They also brought on Paul George which will make both players a dynamic duo for at least the next two seasons. There was plenty of speculation as to where Leonard would go, with the Los Angeles Lakers leading the charge. In the end, Leonard decided to avoid the super team and opted to build his own legacy. During an interview with ESPN, Leonard's former teammate Danny Green spoke about the star and how the Lakers were never really an option for him.

"I think all of it was a shock to me," Green explained. "Except not as much of a shock Kawhi going to L.A. The Clippers, anyway. I didn't see him coming this route [to the Lakers]. I feel like he wanted to go his own route. I think it was between them and going back. I think the year that he had and what those fans brought this season and everything it was hard for him to turn it down and leave Toronto. But I knew he wanted to be closer to home."

Once Leonard had made his decision, Green announced that he would be joining the Lakers who were in dire need of shooters. Had Leonard come to the Lakers, he would have made them an unstoppable super team that would have made the league unwatchable. 

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