Chris Broussard has been one of those members of the media that tends to get a lot of criticism for his takes and reporting. Just a couple of months ago, he got into a full-on Twitter war with Kevin Durant over whether or not he actually has his phone number. Despite this, Broussard has continued to confidently report all of the rumors and rumblings throughout the NBA, regardless of what the fans think. The FS1 reporter has been on the frontlines of the rumors surrounding Kawhi Leonard and today, he offered an interesting update in regards to the Raptors meeting with the star.

"Kawhi Update: Raptors had strong meeting yesterday," Broussard wrote. "Drake heavily involved. Talked of having Kawhi involved w/his OVO record label. Kawhi in deep soul searching. Wants Lakers but wants to make sure Big 3 will fit/work. Clippers out. It’s btwn Lakers & Raptors. Very close."

Broussard's report was immediately hit with some skepticism with some fans claiming that Drake wasn't even in Toronto yesterday. Throughout the week, Broussard has been firm on the fact that Leonard wants to join the Lakers but after yesterday, the Raptors seem as though they are still a viable option.

It was reported earlier this week that Drake would help with the Raptors' recruitment effort so perhaps there is some credence to what Broussard is reporting here. Either way, Leonard doesn't seem too eager to make his choice just yet so we're all going to have to wait.