Kawhi Leonard means a lot to the city of Toronto and the country of Canada as a whole. The Los Angeles Clippers superstar was able to lead the Raptors to their first-ever championship last season and the team is forever grateful. Last night, Leonard made his first trip back to Toronto since signing with the Clippers. The Raptors had a huge pre-game ceremony planned where they even presented him with his championship ring. These Raptors rings are pretty massive and the players have been quite excited about them.

After the game, Leonard spoke about his ring and how there is an "F you" symbol on it. Of course, he meant there was a middle finger engraved on his ring which had some fans thinking the Raptors were being petty. As he told Michael Lee of The Athletic, the symbol was simply to remind him which finger the ring is fitted for.

Leonard has always been known for becoming a bit of an unintentional meme and this whole ring debacle is yet another example of that. Having a middle finger engraved on your ring is a bit much although his reasoning kind of makes sense. Regardless, he should have known the fans were going to come through with some hilarious theories about it.

Hopefully, San Antonio Spurs fans don't get too offended about this whole thing.