After four and a half long months, the NBA is finally back. The 2018-19 season officially tips off tonight with a TNT double-header featuring the Philadelphia 76ers vs the Boston Celtics and the Oklahoma City Thunder at the defending champion Golden State Warriors.

Over the last four+ months there have been a number of high profile story lines that have helped hoop fans deal with their NBA withdrawals, including but not limited to LeBron's decision to join the Lakers in free agency, DeMarcus Cousins uniting with the Warriors, Jimmy Butler demanding a trade, Dwyane Wade coming back for one final season and the blockbuster trade between the Raptors and Spurs.

In addition to those major moves, we also witnessed Kawhi Leonard laugh which might be one of the more shocking stories of the entire off-season. Naturally, that viral moment has now been edited into the classic "Roundball Rock" anthem that used to play prior to the NBA on NBC broadcast.

Without further adieu, check out the clip embedded below.