A lot of big names came to the defence of young Keaton Jones after his mother shared a video of him describing what bullies to do him at school. Keaton is seen balling his eyes out saying "if you are made fun don't let it bother you and stay strong, I guess."

Cardi B shared a photo from the video to her Instagram saying, "Like how you pick on somebody who can’t defend them self? THATS NOT GANGSTA !" while Captain America actor, Chris Evans, invited Keaton to the Avengers: Infinity War premiere.

The story surrounding Keaton is still going strong, but not for the right reasons. Since the video has gone viral, attention has been drawn to his mother, Kimberly, who apparently is a bully herself where a Facebook post from August 25th (two weeks after the neo-nazi rally in Charlottesville) sees her telling "butt hurt Americans" to "STOP crying!"

Her Facebook page even has photos of her holding up the Confederate flag with Keaton seen in them as well, via TMZ.



The revelation of these photos leaves many questioning if Keaton deserves the sympathy from the viral video while others, such as Twitter user @EvanKeaveney, says: "Seeing a lot of heat regarding #keatonjones and his family. Scam or not, the video should be a reminder that bullying is not cool in any way." Apparently, since the attention was brought to Keaton, Kimberly received $50,000 in donations on her PayPal account. What the money is for has yet to be revealed, but from her social media activities, one can only assume.

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