The social media back-and-forth between Kehlani and recently released from jail actor Kaalan Walker has reached new heights. Back in 2018, Walker was arrested after multiple women accused him of rape and sexual assault. The Superfly actor was released on a million-dollar bond, and almost immediately, he returned to social media. Soon, Kehlani issued a series of tweets where she supported Walker's accusers, and now the actor has taken to his Instagram Story with allegations that Kehlani wanted to have his child and was once in love with him.

Kehlani, Kalaan Walker, Twitter, Instagram, Sexual Assault
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Stringer / Getty Images

"It's real quiet now huh Kehlani," he wrote. "You been putting down Black men on your platform for years. PartyNextDoorKyrie Irving,Tory Lanez, YG, Me and the list continues. Everybody in the business knows how shady you are." He continued his rant in another slide. "Don't bully me for 2 days straight on your platform when I just spent 3 years locked up and expect me not to react. I know to much about you."

"Instead of spreading lies about me. How about you acknowledge how in love you we're with me. Don't forget how you were telling me I can't stay off your mind," he added. "Also you should tell ya fans about the time you told me you thought I got you pregnant after we were intimate. I know you remember the time we went to the doctor to check. Did you forget to mention that ? You were excited for me to be your baby daddy."

He went on to say that he "will always respect [her] for being a good mother," but believes Kehlani needs "to be held accountable as well." He called her a "negative individual" and added that the singer is using her platform to "publicly shame a person with false information." He offered her the opportunity to "talk like 2 grown adults" but only "whenever you finally decided to be real with yourself."

Meanwhile, Kehlani suggests that Walker has "had it out for her" after she allegedly rejected his advances. Swipe below to check it all out.