Monday, August 13th Kehlani is hosting a benefit concert at Berkeley's UC Theatre where all proceeds will go to her two-year-old niece Nova, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia this past January. The singer's fans are doing even more than expected since some loyal supporters are buying tickets to donate to those in the area that cannot afford it.  

The love has not gone unnoticed and the "Honey" singer has taken to Twitter to say thank you with a touching statement. "You all have me in tears. in a world where we are often clueless as to whether true compassion really exists... you are leading by example," she wrote. "I love you so much. thank you everyone who’s buying tickets for a fan who can’t. that is so so so so special. Nova’s family thanks you."

She added: "The most special support base in the world. you all are my reason. you give me hope for a change in the collective heart of this world. we have our funny moments because i’m young and growing, but we are truly one big beautiful force of a family. i love you all."