Kehlani has a love/hate relationship with social media it seems. The singer has deleted her Instagram and Twitter on more than one occasion. In 2016, Lani sadly deactivated her accounts after receiving hateful comments when she left Boston Celtic Kyrie Irving for her ex PartyNextDoor. In a seemingly unrelated situation, her Twitter account disappeared once again and many wondered exactly when and if Kehlani would return to the medium. Well, the day has come to stop pondering about her return because, ladies and gentlemen, she's back on Twitter and she's ready for the memes.

With Twitter treated as a golden sanctuary of the internet where memes are aplenty, you never know what you'll find. Lani did not let up on her return, noting that she's back after a year off "for the memes." In a follow-up tweet, the artist wrote about all that she has accomplished in the last year that she has not been able to share on the social media platform. "In case ya missed it i dropped an album went on a 5 month tour dropped some more tunes went on an arena tour started an app now i’m on another tour currently in australia, say dat 5x fast," posted Kehlani. Retweeting a post welcoming her back to Twitter with the hashtag warning #bigthingscoming, anything is possible for the singer as she has had an enormous year filled with success.

Did you miss Lani's updates on Twitter or could you care less?