Those Savage x Fenty shoots have already caused millions to thirst over her frame, but Kehlani recently kicked things up a notch by posing for Playboy. The Bay Area beauty is the latest cover model for the famed, long-running magazine, and her glittery gold set has amassed a variety of reactions from her adoring public. Inside, the 25-year-old songbird sat down to answer 20 questions about her life, career, and creative process, so check out a few highlights, and sexy shots, from her Playboy feature.

Kehlani spoke about her last album, It Was Good Until It Wasn't, and during the discussion, Playboy wanted to know what her thoughts were on being considered a sex symbol. Motherhood is often poised at the opposite side of sex appeal, but Kehlani revealed that "being a mom is the sexiest thing ever." She added, "I was this quirky little person before—not super in touch with myself, a super tomboy. Then I became a mom, and all of a sudden I got these mom hips. I got this mom sensuality and grown-woman attitude and in-touch-ness with my body that I never had before... I think motherhood has made me this insane sex symbol even to myself."

"I feel the sexiest when I’m really bare—when I’m taking extra time to oil up after my bath and put essential oils into my shea butter," said Kehlani. "For me, sexy is very internal. It’s in the comfort and the feeling—not when do I look most sexy, but when do I feel scrumptious? When do I feel like, 'Oh, somebody could just come lick me from my head to my toe right now. That’s how f*cking good I smell, and that’s how moisturized I am.' That’s when I feel sexy."

There are plenty of people who were excited about this. Check out a few shots from Kehlani's spread below.