American Thanksgiving is only two days away and Kehlani can hardly wait since she's already working on her turkey and getting it ready for the annual showdown. The "Honey" singer shared an image to Instagram that sees her glamorously preparing food in the kitchen with a big smile on her face.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

"Not sure it gets more candid than this. 😩😭 happy tuesday.. so it begins! Alexa, play Aguanile!!" she captioned the image. Boi1Da jokingly commented, "Fam you’re violating the turkey 😂"

More recently, Kehlani expressed her gratitude for music after she quickly released her latest single "You Know Wassup" as a response to YG kissing another woman at the beginning of their relationship. The duo are back together and seemingly on good terms, and Kehlani assured her fans that she's doing good despite her emotionally vulnerable track.  

"I’m good y’all. i see people starting a hashtag about hoping my mental is ok and me possibly needing a therapist. lmao. I’m straight forreal. I’m an artist. I dive inward. glad it’s doing something for you all tho. love you," she wrote. "The fire thing about music is you can express the wildest and furthest parts of the emotions youre experiencing, even just the things the little back of your head voice is screaming.. or even the devil on your shoulder. flush it out and it keep it flowin."