Kehlani made a special appearance during this past weekend's San Francisco Pride. The Bay Area native blessed the stage during Sunday's parade, but the event didn't go as planned. We has previously reported that Kehlani's set was cut short, placing the blame on organizers and not the people who attended. Since posting her  "Get Home Safe" message on Twitter, footage has surface of a fight that broke out in the audience while she performed.

The senseless violence was caught by onlookers as over a dozen started an all-out brawl in the centre of the crowd. Apparently the fight erupted because one person asked if Kehlani was still on stage, the relative stranger then allegedly answered very rudely using the word b*tch in her address, at which point the woman caught hands, and the two ended sprawled on the concrete floor.

For some odd reason, pride-goers not associated with either party decided to enter the fray, until it reached the proportions of a royal rumble. Navdeep Thind, a local student who documented the action, described the incident as such: 'It got kind of brutal. People were saying it was like some WWE stuff, and it really was." When asked how he believe the brawl had begun, Navdeep contends that a third woman close the intitial conversation mistook the utterance of b*tch as a personal affront, at which point the crowd devolved into melee. Check out his anecdotes, as he bore witness from a comfortable distance.