Keke Palmer is a self-proclaimed "millennial diva" and she celebrates her 25th birthday as such. The entertainer took to social media for the occasion.

So far, Palmer posted three sultry shots to Instagram, featuring her youthful self sporting vintage goods. The most recent upload shows Keke in the most glitzy outfit of the bunch as she's adorned in gold. The caption attached to the post is one of self-reflection and wisdom.

She starts by acknowledging her attachment to worldly goals and how these potential achievements have had a negative impact on her contentment.

"I’m 25 yrs old today 🎂!! When I was younger all I wanted for my birthday was a SURPRISE! I’ve always been the type of person that had so many expectations for the things I wanted out of life often causing me deep disappointment. As I get older I realize that even when I got the things I was expecting, I was never happy because I was still expecting more!"

The birthday girl pledges her focus to the gifts of the present.

"Now that I’m 25 I know that life isn’t about trying to acquire the things that you think will make you happy but to instead try to just BE happy in the moments that you are. To accept the moments that you are not and to know that life won’t always be what you want, but what you need. God bless y’all!! 🌹"