SZA took to Twitter to tell a crazy story about how she found one of her ex-boyfriends cheating on her at a house party, walking in on him doing the deed with another woman.

"That time I caught my ex fucking my homegirl from the back at a house party," she wrote. "Story time is not enough. I checked every single room in the house and they were in the LAST ONE AAHAHA OMG. What’s sick is she invited me to the partyyyy. Everybody thinks they become donkey Kong in that situation but I really just said 'oop SORRY !!' And closed the door real fast Face with tears of joy I walked all the way home in the dark alone and cried."

Normally, this story would be pretty insane but Keke Palmer had to do her one better.

"Been there, except it was a man love. Now get into it," replied the singer. We're gonna need the full story about this...

Who else is waiting for Keke to come through with this story?

The actress was busy on Twitter this weekend, getting into a back-and-forth with August Alsina after a fan called out their previous relationship. A photo was posted of August and Keke together, but neither of them seems pressed to claim the other.