Following the cancellation of popular talk show Strahan, Sara & Keke due to the coronavirus pandemic, many have been hoping that exuberant entrepreneur Keke Palmer finds her way back to daytime television. It looks like the "Snack" singer is feeling the same way, and she's even proposing the idea of hosting a millennial take on The View.

Keke Palmer Millennial The View Co-Host Suggestions
Image: SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

"If I were to create a millnnial [sic] “The View”, who would you want to be my co-hosts?" Keke tweeted to her 1.8 million Twitter followers earlier today, leaving many to send in their nominees for co-hosts and some who even suggested themselves, including viral social media stars Rickey Thompson and Denzel Dion. A few people were quick to point out that those two might be more representative of Generation Z as opposed to a Millennial, meaning whoever Keke chooses if the project were to ever get green-lit would have to currently be between the ages of 26 to 40. Given the huge audience that The View brings in and the A-list level of guests, like President Barack Obama seen above in a taping from 2010 for example, this could actually be a pretty dope idea.

 Who do you think could host a millennial version of The View alongside Keke Palmer? Sound off with your thoughts down below in the comments!