Keke Palmer has a lot going on in her life right now. She has been added as a host on daytime talk show, GMA3, causing it to be renamed Strahan, Sara and Keke. The 26-year-old is also co-hosting Quibi's reboot of MTV’s ’90s dating show, Singled Out. This multi-hyphenate can't only be relegated to the world of television. After a lengthy hiatus, Palmer returned to music with "Virgo Tendencies" and TK Kravitz-assisted "Got Em Mad", which are slated to appear on her upcoming project, The Boss. Oh, she dabbles in motion pictures, too. You might have caught her in last year's blockbuster Hustlers. 

All this to say, Palmer doesn't have time to entertain a partner who doesn't have their own ambitions to pursue. When asked on Late Night With Seth Meyers what she finds to be the biggest dating deal-breaker, she bluntly said, "you have to have something going on." She expressed her fear of being in a relationship with someone who is "co-dependent," particularly in a financial sense. "He's gonna start asking me for money, cause he knows I got it." If someone gets in the way of Palmer and her bag, or tries to stick his hand in her bag, she will dismiss him with a "sorry to this man" and carry on her merry way.