Keke Wyatt has allegedly been keeping her kids from seeing her ex-husband, Michael Ford, for 18 months, according to Michael himself. On Tuesday, the R&B singer's ex shared a photo of their daughter, Ke’Yoshi Bella, on Instagram to wish her a happy fifth birthday. On the post, he exposed some pretty serious custody violations on Keke's part, alleging that she has been in contempt of a court order by keeping all their kids away from him for the past year-and-a-half.

"Today is bittersweet for me as it’s your 5th Birthday Ke’Yoshi Bella," Michael wrote on the adorable photo of his little girl when she was a baby. "It’s been 18 months since I last seen your beautiful energetic lil face in person and as bad as I wanna see you, hug you, kiss you, shower you with love, affection, and gifts i can’t because Unfortunately you’re being illegally withheld from me (along with my other babies) by someone who is in contempt of a legal court order."

Keke Wyatt Michael J. Ford kids 18 months allegations accusations custody battle court order illegalJamie McCarthy/Getty Images for WE tv

While the alleged situation is obviously very upsetting for him, he mentions that he has scheduled a court date to confront Keke about her actions. "God has allowed my strength, temperament, and patience to be tried and tested," he continued. "However I know He is on the side of right and truth so the battle has already been won! I’ll see that person in court soon as a court date has already been set so hold on Bella daddy’s coming to get you baby and we’re definitely getting sugar wasted for your belated birthday party! With love Daddy." Beyond revealing the alleged truth about Keke, he also cleared the air about some rumours about himself. Back in 2017, Keke accused Michael of abandoning her while she was 8-months pregnant with their child and their other child battled cancer. Someone in the comments of Michael's recent post asked him to answer to these claims.

Keke Wyatt Michael J. Ford kids 18 months allegations accusations custody battle court order illegalParas Griffin/Getty Images for ASCAP

“Ummmm didn’t you leave your family tho while she was pregnant & dealing with the emotions of your child having cancer," @breybee wrote. "It was above you when decide to leave right?" Michael replied to the comment, flat-out denying these rumours. "Umm no I didn’t and if you digested and believed any of those fabricated stories please check your level of discernment," he wrote. "God Bless." Keke ultimately got remarried to her current husband, Zachariah Darring, in 2018, and the two went on to have their first child together. Their son, Ke’Riah Darring, was born on January 6th earlier this year. Ke'Riah became Keke's tenth child, though it is unclear how many were fathered by Michael and are, thus, being allegedly kept from him.