While fans eagerly await the arrival of the untitled Nas project, it appears the rapper will have another item on his agenda. After the saga seemed to have reached a tenuous peace, it would appear that Nas' and Kelis child-support dispute has once again reopened. According to TMZ, the legendary rapper has been asked to increase the amount of child support owed, as Kelis claims the monthly payments of eight thousand is insufficient. According to the publication, Kelis feels that their son Knight's needs have increased since the order was initially put in place.

Apparently, the "Milkshake" singer also noted that Nas is in a much better financial standing than he was when he agreed upon the original sum, and therefore, shouldn't have a problem increasing Knight's child support. The report isn't specific about what Kelis is requesting, but does allude to a few noteworthy ad-ons. Namely, a fifty-percent increase in school-related costs, as well as any further child care Kelis might require.

It's always hard to hear these types of stories, as Nas' emotional Life Is Good track "Bye Baby" seemed to paint the couple in a bittersweet, but ultimately peaceful light. However, as everyone knows, divorce is never easy, and the truth of the matter is usually more complicated than the headlines make it seem. Hopefully Nas and Kelis can hash out their differences, and come to a amicable solution for Knight's sake.