Any way you slice it, Kelly Clarkson is a powerhouse vocalist. Unlike many others who found fame through American Idol, Clarkson was able to capitalize off of her moment and carve out a solid singing career. The Voice coach is currently making her way through her "Meaning of Life Tour," and during a stop in Long Island, New York, Clarkson surprised fans with an unlikely rendition of songs that many wouldn't associate with the vocalist.

"I couldn't go everywhere so I thought it would be cool if we go live every show and I do a different song every show in this portion," Clarkson explained to the crowd. "We try to keep a part of the show fresh that is just for you all. Every show we do a different song and every show I've done I've literally picked a completely different genre but that's because I just really love music."

Clarkson started things with Cardi B's "Be Careful," and then moved on to Post Malone's "Better Now" before finishing the medley off with Lauryn Hill's Miseducation of Lauryn Hill classic "Ex-Factor." Clarkson told the audience, “I just love all those artists, I’m such a fan!” she continued. “I probably should have broken them up and covered them all individually but I love when like something is so good, it reminds you of something else that is so good and you just marry them.”

It's pretty impressive considering the band didn't have much time to work on the mashup. “We literally just put that together this afternoon,” Clarkson said.