It's been quite interesting to see NBA players throughout the league react and give their thoughts on the Orlando, Florida NBA bubble campus. Of course, this whole scenario is something that none of these players have ever had to experience, even in their AAU days. The players are secluded and can't go off campus or else they will be subjected to a heavy quarantine. If they want to keep themselves entertained, they have to go out and find something to do on the campus, that won't put them in jeopardy of contracting the virus.

Kelly Oubre Jr. of the Phoenix Suns has seemingly found the perfect solution to this problem as he has immersed himself in the art of being a Pokemon trainer. While speaking to reporters recently, Oubre noted that he has been trying to take over gyms and is catching as many Pokemon as humanly possible. Considering he said he is finding them around the campus, we assume he is playing Pokemon Go, which became a cultural phenomenon back in 2016. 

Oubre's journey to becoming the best Pokemon trainer in the NBA will certainly be an interesting one although considering where the Suns are in the standings, he won't have much time left in the bubble, so he might as well take full advantage.