Kelly Oubre Jr. had an interesting start to his career as some felt like he wasn't living up this true potential. This season with the Phoenix Suns has been completely different for Oubre. He has been putting up some of the best stats of his career and has even come through with some incredible highlights that have left fans craving more. With all of this in mind, it shouldn't be surprising that Oubre is coming through with some devastating poster dunks.

The latest example of this was last night as the Suns defeated the New Orleans Pelicans. At one point, Oubre was all alone going to the net when Brandon Ingram tried to run him down. Oubre ended up dunking over Ingram and hit him with the disrespectful stare down while the Pelicans star was on the ground.

Fans were impressed with Oubre's boldness on the play especially since we haven't really seen this from him before. Not to mention, the pass from Ricky Rubio was certainly a sight to behold. The play was further proof of just how fun the Suns have been this season and honestly, we're here for it. It's about time those fans get some players to be excited about.

Perhaps we will see even more of this from Oubre in the future. If we do, we're sure his Instagram comments will be even wilder.